Ryan Bethem, MA, LMFT
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Ryan Bethem, MA, MFTI                                                                            


psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples                                                                            

My approach stems from the foundational principles of Relational Psychoanalysis, which focuses on symptom relief, building a capacity to reflect and express one's experience, and building fulfilling relationships. I believe in building a collaborative relationship with my clients. This means my approach is generally non-prescriptive and we will work to help you by deeply understanding your experience. I specialize in helping you understand the ways in which relationship to your family, community, culture, and your unique experience of events in life have unconsciously affected the way you think, feel, and behave. 

Having a nuanced understanding of how you think, feel, and behave, can give you the power necessary to make conscious decisions with intention. Additionally, making sense of how you relate and experience the world will help you build one of the most necessary capacities for emotional well being - the ability to reflect on and express one's numerous emotional states as they happen in real time. 

I see therapy as a collaborative attempt to articulate and think about the experiences that you bring to therapy. Based on the stories, dreams, thoughts, fantasies, and other experiences you bring to therapy, you can expect me to help you build a picture of your psychological makeup and unconscious tendencies.

I pay particularly close attention to the unconscious barriers that block you from living your life you desire. Finding answers and solutions to the questions you bring to therapy is often the focal point of the therapy for months or years. After the acute issues that initially brought you to therapy are resolved, there is an opportunity for a depth process to occur which can help you gain a richer sense of self and purpose, while helping you manage various life events and struggles. 

Each treatment is different and therefore catered to your individual needs. Sometimes one session per-week is enough while some therapeutic needs benefit from multiple sessions per-week. If you have more questions or think you might be interested, I offer free 15 minute phone consultations to help you determine if the kind of therapy I offer is right for you.