Ryan Bethem, MA, LMFT
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Ryan Bethem, MA, MFTI                                                                            


psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples                                                                            

Hello! Welcome to my website. My approach is an integration of research based western psychological practice and eastern understandings of "spiritual" evolution.. Over the past 10 years of education and clinical experience, I've found that combining the most effective aspects of every treatment model has the most potent impact on helping my patients achieve long lasting growth and relief from suffering. 

Each therapy is uniquely tailored to your needs. Some common issues that my patients bring to therapy are career or work related issues.Other treatments are long term and depth focused - intended to help break free of long-standing emotional or "spiritual" suffering. 

Psychoanalytic Therapy

I practice a type of therapy under the umbrella of Psychoanalysis, which focuses on symptom relief and creating a richer and more meaningful life. Psychoanalysis in practice is a type of "relational mindfulness" that uses your experience to guide the process. Together we can build a relationship that creates language for your conscious and unconscious aspects of how you think, feel, and behave. Doing this will help us deeply understand the issues that have brought you to therapy, leading to symptom relief, a clearer sense of self and purpose, greater capacity to express oneself, and more meaningful relationships. [read more]


I offer a very engaged and active therapeutic environment that aims to find solutions and answers for the issues that bring you to treatment. My approach is generally non-prescriptive. Using your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and other experiences we will collaborate to empower you to reach your therapeutic goals. I aim to illuminate unconscious barriers that keep you feeling stuck in your suffering. Identifying unconscious barriers will help you build a roadmap for change, which can free you from the grips psychological suffering. Many of my clients are young and middle aged working professionals. I specialize in helping people with relationship problems, work related issues, identity issues, depression, addiction, social anxiety, trauma, and building a deeper sense of purpose.    [read more]


Couples therapy offers a venue to intimately explore the parts of your relationship that are calling for attention. I focus on the unconscious "enactments" created by couples that leave them feeling stuck. Enactments are relationship dynamics and cycles that leave you feeling like you are repeating the same fights or are stuck in the same recurring issues. I'll help you identify the enactments that keep you feeling stuck and then help you cultivate different ways of relating. My approach helps couples gain a deeper sense of connection with one another, cultivate tools for effective communication, and build a capacity to digest the inevitable difficulties in relationship and life. I'm passionate about helping couples with marital and pre-martial issues, communication problems, learning how to have healthy conflict, and physical intimacy issues.